1. Download and unrar required file mag250 or mag254
2. Copy in your required folder from above (mag250 0r mag254) to a newly formatted pendrive.
Pendrive may require formatting please use this to format. www.europaiptv.com/sdformat.rar
3. Put your USB flash to rear USB connector on STB.
4. Unplug power of STB. Press and hold “Menu” button on RC (direct your RC to STB).
Plug power on STB with holding “Menu” button. Hold “Menu” button during 10 seconds.
You can see BIOS menu of STB.
5. Select “Upgrade Tools”, pressing enter on the remote control to the right
6. Select “USB Bootstrap”
7. Connect the USB flash drive and click OK to confirm the beginning of the update process
8. Wait for the update, STB will reboot. (updated when constant flashing on STB occurs)

The above should revert your STB to default factory state and you should then setup the box as new.
(portal address, time, aspect ratio etc)

DISCLAIMER: Any changes to your STB are performed at your own risk.